Software can provide a wide range of software for linux and server environments taylored to individual needs. This section of our website details some of the software which we produce.

SpinGuru IconSpinGuru, our first game for iPhone, is an addictive game of skill, reflexes, logic and determination.

The object of the game is to spin your stick from the start point to the end point with the highest score possible. You can maximiseyour score by finding the shortest route and picking up all the bonuses.

FollowMe Icon

FollowMe is an application that uses the systems notification framework to inform the user when it detects a new social network message.

XSM is the next generation in website development. It allows you to edit every stage of your website from your internet browser window, and thus from anywhere in the world. It is perfect for beginners but has unlimited posibilities for the expert. It is currently being used by around 15 websites with up to 20 users each.

Other projects that are not yet documented on this site may be found in the source repository.

We are currently moving our open source projects to the fantastic new HeadsUp! project management software. You can find the installation at Some older projects will not be ported from the older Trac system, you can find these projects maintained at

Our software engineers are acredited by the British Computer Society and have extensive programming experience in linux, windows and mac operating systems, programming in java, objective-c, c and python and specialising in server side application development.