eSudoku is the fastest open source logical sudoku solver

Sudoku is a global phenomenon. The logical 9x9 numerical puzzle was initially developed by an American before gaining popularity in Japan. Now the whole world has taken notice.

eSudoku uses logic to solve puzzles rather than the crude brute force attacked favoured by other programs. And that's why it is the fastest, and the best. It is written in C so is very powerful.

eSudoku also teaches you how to solve sudoku puzzles as it does not just give you the answer to a puzzle - it shows you how it calculated the answer aswell!

How do I get eSudoku?

The Daily eSudoku

eSudoku now has a fun new daily sudoku challenge that can be played on the iPhone or other mobile devices, on facebook or from the site. The puzzles range from easy to diabolical and they are all generated using the eSudoku software. Unlike other applications they are not timed, so you have all day to puzzle them out. Points are awarded according to difficulty and there is a leaderboard to keep track of the best sudoku solvers! Good luck solving...

Play the Daily eSudoku on iPhone
Play the Daily eSudoku on any mobile device
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eSudoku for Mac OSX

eSudoku can be downloaded and run on Mac OSX with a graphical user interface. It is a universal binary so runs on all versions of Mac OSX. (We haven't tested them all so let us know if you have problems.

Click on the link below to go to our downloads page. Download the .dmg file.  Follow the simple desktop instructions to install it as you would for any other new mac application.

Download eSudoku for Mac OSX

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eSudoku for Enlightenment 0.17 

eSudoku is available for Enlightenment 0.17 with a graphical user interface. It uses the Enlightenment toolkit libraries.

Download eSudoku for Enlightenment 0.17

eSudoku for the command line in unix/linux/osx

eSudoku can be run on the Unix/Linux/OSX command line.

Download eSudoku for the command line

eSudoku online demo

There is also an online demo of the software in action that you can try.